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Script Journey is a multifaceted consultation company with one goal: to help writers, brands, and entrepreneurs reach their intended audience. 


With our diverse background in writing, marketing, communications, web design, and brand management, we know the power of a written word and how important it is to say what you want to say, while you have your audience’s attention. Whether you're a writer building a platform and polishing your work, a company held up by your bootstraps, or in need for reinvention, we’re here to help. 

So, where will you take us? 

Meet The Team


Michael Quintana

Founder & Creative Director

When I started Script Journey 5 years ago, my intention was to help writers write. Slowly, that grew into the need of helping writers build their personal brands and develop their audience platforms. Now, with over a decade of experience in writing professionally, my goal is to help others simply tell their story. 

Like writers, companies and brands are based in the hearts of people with visions and dreams, people who want to offer the world something they know they can readily share. I know, because I’ve personally experienced my love for helping others on both fronts; as a writer and as the founder of Script Journey. What I’ve come to learn most in my experience over the years is the importance of helping my clients find themselves in their work, and the importance of assisting them to the clearest communication of that work to their audience across all platforms. 

In 2015, I received my MFA in Creative Writing from San Jose State University. That degree has led me to the position I now hold: one where my mastery of the written word, web design, social media marketing, and brand building expertise can help authors, brands, and entrepreneurs find their audiences. 

When I first started Script Journey in 2017, my tagline was: “Write. Rewrite. It’s still your story.” To this day, that holds true. I deeply encourage my writers, entrepreneurs, and clients, to keep evolving with their work. With every step and misstep, you will find your footing, and we, at Script Journey, are here to guide you along your way. 


Kenedy Moore

Head of Marketing & Content Creation 

With a diverse range of experiences, I have had the pleasure of working with esteemed brands such as Seven Eleven, Bien Merite, and Matcha Konomi.


Beyond my professional experiences, I am a marketing professional driven by a genuine passion for creating impactful connections between brands and consumers. I approach each project with enthusiasm, creativity, and a strategic mindset. 


My ability to think critically, analyze data, and identify market opportunities has been instrumental in delivering measurable results that drive business growth. I thrive in dynamic and collaborative environments, cultivating strong relationships with stakeholders, team members, and external partners to achieve shared objectives.


From brand positioning and content creation to digital strategy and campaign execution, I am well-versed in the intricacies of the marketing landscape. I am committed to leveraging my skills and experiences to help businesses thrive in today's competitive marketplace.


I look forward to the possibility of connecting with you and discussing how we can collaborate to drive your business forward.

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