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Script and Story Consultation

At Script Journey, we've chosen to invest in developing both the writer and their written project. 

Through deep discussion, notes, and analysis, our goal is to provide writers with the necessary tools to further develop their project and elevate their craft.

This is your story. This is your journey. Where will you take us?

Services We Offer

Short Story
Do you need help with an idea but don't have a complete work to submit yet?
Consider the:
Travel Guide Companion Package

In hour-long intervals, spaced out daily, weekly, or monthly (it’s up to you), we will work on developing a project you want to work on. You might need one session. You might need two or three. It doesn't matter; we're here to help. 


$60.00 per hr/session    

for an accurate price of your work's needs,
contact us for a consultation.

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