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The whole process of self-publishing a book is a daunting and time-consuming task. Here, at Script Journey, we’d much rather you focus on what you do best: write. We do our best to demystify the process of self-publishing by aiding our writers through copy editing, line editing, rewriting, putting the book into a publishable form, and guiding you through the entire process, including query letters if you’d like to take a more traditional route.

(We even offer book cover designs.)

X-Small Book (100 pages or less)                          $500
Small Book (175 pages or less)                              $750
Regular Book (250 pages or less)                          $1,000
Large Book (500 pages or less)                             $1,500
X-Large Book (501+ pages)*                                 $2,000
*Larger than 1,000 pages will be assessed and individually quoted
Book Cover Design                                                $300

for an accurate price of your publishing 
contact us for a consultation.

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